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  •   Smart Phone

    1. Motivation

    Why intelligent interaction on mobile device?

    • Everyone has one or more mobile device
    • It contains many useful private information
    • Relatively small screen size, difficult input interface, and limited computational power
    • Increase of multimedia data (photo, mp3, movie files) on the mobile device

    The goals of this research are as follows.

    • Developing synthetic characters for mobile devices
    • Prediction of users' behavior based on the information on the mobile device (call logs, location, short message, etc)
    • Context-awareness on mobile device
    • Efficient summarization and searching of multimedia data on the mobile device
    2. Proposed Methods
    • Developing software for gathering information on the mobile device
    • Estimation of high-level context from the low-level sources using probabilistic models (Bayesian networks)
    • Detection of chances and keys from huge information using key graph and Bayesian networks
    • Reorganization of personal experience and multimedia data for efficient search (semantic search) using semantic network
    • Prediction of user's future location using recurrent Self-organizing map and Markov model
    • Behavior generation of synthetic characters on the phone using behavior network and rule-based action selection
    • Implementation on real PDA devices

    Figure 1. Proposed architecture for synthetic characters on mobile device


    3. Experimental Results
    • Demonstration of synthetic characters [mpeg1]
    • Demonstration of location-aware service [mpeg2]


    Figure 2. Bayesian networks for inference of emotional status, business and closeness between two persons


    4. Publications
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